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Some Views About Tembang Macapat Malang

EasyChair Preprint no. 4623

23 pagesDate: November 23, 2020


This paper contains various views of the authors based on the experience of the Tembang Macapat Malang. Tembang Macapat Malang can be viewed from various aspects, including song and macapat understanding, social function, cengkok variety, structural features, the amout of tembang macapat, pathet, tembang macapat creators, song character and macapat musical development. Tembang Macapat Malang has a structure as a convention tradition as a binder. Each of tembang macapat and the lyric has various expressions that bring a social function as a mrirror of personal behavior and society. Macapat Malang development is affected by various situations of the times and phase of musicals.

Keyphrases: macapat malang, tembang, views

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