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Banking Management System

EasyChair Preprint no. 5575

4 pagesDate: May 20, 2021


This is based on c++ and mysql.

Bank the board framework can be consider as a most significant thing in financial the current situation the financial area is the basic need in regular everyday life we face the issues and afterward we understand something isn't done in this area like we need to change the area (part) of our record then we need to fill the application and afterward sometime standing by to finish bank measure. In this cycle measure of time is more just as here happen manual work which is expands labor. Likewise in current situation aadhar card connecting is must with ledger and it is conceivable through the ATM however on the off chance that in pressing we need to interface aadhar it very well might be impractical there is no ATM are accessible all things considered we give this office through the our task for example Bank the board framework

Keyphrases: banking system, C++, MySQL

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