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Geo-Data for the Sustainable Space Building Design

EasyChair Preprint no. 10779

4 pagesDate: August 25, 2023


The geo-data by the cyber science requirement allows to manage the ground segment in the harsh context to provide the inputs to design the sustainable building. The methodology from the administration office of Space center in Dubaï demonstrate the computation needed and the data-sets from climate context to produce a position and time from navigation constellation to determine the right location to build a green infrastructure from the passive house certification. The process take account of geo-data approach for computation, the data sets of local climate, and the passive house certification application. It demonstrate that it shall be possible to built building in harsh context without to be connected with the urban grid. The methodology shows that the Space segment is useful to support the ground segment to apply the multi-dimensions aspects of the technical infrastructure from sustainable energy management. The administration office of Space center in Dubaï provide a model to be applied to build sustainable building in harsh climate conditions.

Keyphrases: cyber, desert, green space, HPC, MBRSC, space

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