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Gamification for Skill Development in Infrastructure Workers

EasyChair Preprint no. 12876

6 pagesDate: April 3, 2024


This paper survey the emergent style of applying gamification, the inclusion of game materials into non-game footing, to decorate strength development accompanying establishment laborers. Addressing the increasing need for a able trained employees in this place energetic district, the review checks various studies stress gamification's potential to improve manufacturing, date, and education results inside the construction production.

Specifically, the review focuses on in what way or style gamification can tackle important challenges to some extent weakened output and stick aloofness. Additionally, it delves into the constituent gamification in professional growth, reveal allure substance to boost information, talents, and stimulus between explanation expert.

While identifying the recorded benefits, the review critically tests the challenges guide implementing gamification in this place infrastructure. Key concerns include guaranteeing adaptation accompanying departmental aims and regulating elements to resonate following the mark trial. Ultimately, this review offers valuable acumens into the potential of gamification for ability happening in the bedrock tract, donating to the continuous talk on advancing a able and operating prepared laborers in this place always-cultivating landscape.

Keyphrases: Employee Engagement, Gamification, Productivity, professional development, Workforce Training

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