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Integrated Viewpoint for housing recovery program by categorizing of public housing provision after disaster

EasyChair Preprint no. 1447

9 pagesDate: September 1, 2019


The task of building the recovery system for areas damaged in disaster is common in various countries around the world. In the case of mega disasters, it is necessary to provide public housing because of the lack of housing stocks for victims.

Although some housing recovery cases after disasters around the world have been reported, there are few comparative studies from the viewpoint of provision method and geographical layout characteristics. This article shows the housing recovery differences in the public policy and the geographical layout after disasters. To clarify, firstly I described case studies of recovery after recent disasters housing recovery. Second, four cases (Mexico 1985, Kobe 1995, Turkey 1999, Tohoku 2011) were picked up and I analyzed the public housing provision characteristics from a viewpoint of site layout, which affected urban recovery process and housing recovery support. In order to examine them, I collected data such as research papers, report documents and statistics about housing provision.

The result shows that there are two main policy methods for recovery housing, i.e. supply of money for reconstruction house and supply of direct provision of houses to victims. On the other hand, there are two planning methods for providing housing, i.e. on-site reconstruction (non-moving) and another-site development (moving). I can classify the disaster housing recovery method using two axes and describe the characteristics and implication of the four resulting.

These perspectives are so important to plan for next disaster that we need to accumulate lessons learned from experiences.

Keyphrases: disaster recovery, East Japan Earthquake, housing recovery method

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