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FUZZYALGOL: Fuzzy Algorithmic Language for designing Fuzzy Algorithms

EasyChair Preprint no. 3553

7 pagesDate: June 5, 2020


The imprecise, crisp, inexact, inconsistent and incomplete problems are fall under fuzzy problems. These fuzzy problems are soled using fuzzy algorithms, fuzzy programsand fuzzy languages. Fuzzy algorithms are the single sentence form and difficult to solve fuzzy problems. Fuzzy Algorithmic Language (FUZZYALGOL) is necessary to describe the fuzzy algorithms for computation of fuzzy problems. In this paper, FUZZYALGOL is proposed based on the fuzzy algorithms, fuzzy programs, fuzzy languages. The computation Procedure is discussed for FUZZYALGOL to solve fuzzy problems by taking Examples

Keyphrases: fuzzy Algorithmic Language, fuzzy algorithms, Fuzzy Logic, fuzzy reasoning

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