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Facial Emotion Recognition Approach for Music Recommendation

EasyChair Preprint no. 12532

5 pagesDate: March 18, 2024


Face recognition technology has widely attracted attention due to its enormous application value and market potential It is being implemented in various fields like security system, digital video processing, and many such technological advances.. Additionally, music is the form of art, which is known to have a greater connection with a person’s emotion. It has got a unique ability to lift up one’s mood. Relatively, this paper focuses on building an efficient music recommendation system which determines the emotion of user using Facial Recognition techniques. Face detection and emotion selection is the one of the current topic in the security field which provides solution to various challenges. Beside traditional challenges in captured facial images under uncontrolled settings such as varying poses, different lighting and expressions for face recognition and different sound frequencies for emotion recognition. For the any face and emotion detection system database is the most important part for the comparison of the face features and sound Mel frequency components. The algorithm implemented would prove to be more proficient than the existing systems. Moreover, on a larger dimension, this would render salvage of time and labour invested in performing the process manually. The overall concept of the system is to recognize facial emotion and recommend songs efficiently. The proposed system will be both time and cost efficient. The user would not have to waste any time in searching or to look up for songs and the best track matching the user’s mood is detected, and songs would be shown to the user according to his/her mood. The image of the user is captured with the help of a webcam. The user’s picture is taken and then as per the mood/emotion of the user an appropriate song from the playlist of the user is shown matching the user’s requirement.

Keyphrases: Facial Recognition, music recommendation, music recommendation based on facial emotion recognition

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