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Blockchain in smart health

EasyChair Preprint no. 1626

6 pagesDate: October 11, 2019


Abstract—Blockchain has been making some vital progress these days because of its secure and amiable structure. The blockchain is emerging in the healthcare sector rapidly. Blockchain is a distributed and decentralized database which deals with transactions. Healthcare has now become a prestigious part of our life as it is making life changing innovations day by day whether it is about artificial intelligence’s influence in diagnostic system, expert systems, patient’s data storage, retrieval, security and any other healthcare smart services. Smart health is helping us in solving our healthcare needs. When we talk about smart health data is the most important ingredient which makes everything possible. 
Many researchers are now emerging blockchain in smart health because of its secure, flexible and reliable architecture. So, in this paper we are discussing the major progress made in implementing the blockchain technology in the field of smart health. Our main focus is on the patient’s data storage, retrieval, security and interoperability.

Keyphrases: Blockchain, data retrieval, Date Analysis, Healthcare, Keywords—Smart Health, patient’s record

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