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Scientific Developments and Innovative Projects in the Agrarian Sphere: Methods

EasyChair Preprint no. 8747

18 pagesDate: August 30, 2022


Purpose of the research. Increase the appropriation of funds allocated for scientific research in the agrarian sphere, correct orientation and effective use of innovations, introduction of scientific works into practice, development of scientific and practical recommendations for financing the development of innovative projects and the development of non-traditional methods of their implementation. Research methodology. The introduction of scientific recommendation and practical recommendation developed as a result of the study, It is clearly indicated that it is possible to develop non-traditional methods of implementation of scientific developments and innovative projects in the agrarian sphere of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Innovation issues and solutions in the existing agrarian sphere are indicated. Results of the study. As a result of the scientific research carried out in the article, financing of scientific works in the agrarian sphere, expansion of the scope of scientific research and identification of customers for scientific developments occupy the main place; it was recommended to create an innovation system for the development of the economy; it was proposed to organize special cooperatives introducing innovative projects; The mechanism of activity of the fund “financing of innovative projects in the field of Agriculture and Water Resources” has been developed.

Keyphrases: agrarian sphere, Funding, improvement, Innovation, mechanism, scientific developments, scientific supply

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