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Determination of the Speed of Sound to Calculate Distances Through Firing a Rifle at 22°C at the Sea Level

EasyChair Preprint no. 2348

10 pagesDate: January 9, 2020


The purpose of this research is to analyze the speed of sound variations based on firing a rifle at a distance of 1240 meters at 22 ° C at the sea level in the province of Santa Elena, Ecuador. This is a non-experimental cross-sectional study based on the data collected from 45 students, in addition, it has a descriptive design, and the measurements were taken using a chronometer during the 8 attempts each par-ticipant had. The main focus was the variation of time from the sparks ignition until the sound produced by the gunpowder explosion during each attempt. In-struments to establish meteorological conditions were used in order to measure wind time, distance, temperature, speed and direction. The data analysis was aimed at determining the individual and general median time of shooting flight, having as a result 351,27 m/s. This value is close to the 350 m/s presented by Galileo Galilei and it remarkably differs from the 372 m/s claimed by Donoso (2013) or the 330 m/s stated by the Military Education and Doctrine Command (2018). This research also aims at contributing to the military field to calculate distances which allow the determination of the enemy´s position or the location of a missing combatant through firing a rifle. Since precision is a key factor in mili-tary operations, this investigation may be considered to design a battling field simulator in which distances and direction are calculated through a gun shot.

Keyphrases: calculate distances, rifle, Simulador, speed of sound, tools

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