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Current Trends in Retro Gaming Research

EasyChair Preprint no. 1094

4 pagesDate: June 6, 2019


In this paper, we make an overview to the current retro gaming research and also illuminate its connections to media mix or ludo mix, at least from two different perspectives: how the retro gaming research have observed different game versions and by-products of games as part of retro gaming cultures as well as how retro gaming has been recognized in more general research literature of popular cultural products? We also study, what games have typically been mentioned in retro gaming research literature. What has been mainly missing so far in the retro gaming research and how critical has the research been? The paper creates synthesis on one multidisciplinary game studies area as well as helps to reveal connections between game studies and other fields of popular cultural and media studies. In addition, the paper will suggest new avenues for the retro gaming research.

Keyphrases: game studies, meta-review, methodology, Retro-gaming

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