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A Review on Different Feeding Methods of Wideband Circularly Polarized Antenna

EasyChair Preprint no. 2373

6 pagesDate: January 13, 2020


This paper gives the overall idea of wideband circularly polarized antenna. The main objective of this review paper is to find how the circular polarization is achieved. There are different feeding methods for designing circularly polarized antennas such as single feed method, dual feed method and sequential feeding method. This methods are useful to get good omnidirectional radiation pattern. Single feed method has some drawbacks. It has low axial ratio bandwidth than dual feed method. Further, in order to enhance the antenna performance axial ratio bandwidth improvement is necessary. Because of some limitations of linearly polarized antenna such as cross coupled radiation problem the circularly polarized antennas get certain attention as it overcomes many major drawbacks of linearly polarized antennas.

Keyphrases: axial ratio bandwidth, circular polarization, Dielectric Resonator Antenna, Feed Lines, Gain, radiation pattern

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