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The Level of Skills Reading High School Graduates

EasyChair Preprint no. 1946

6 pagesDate: November 13, 2019


This study aims to obtain fact about the level of reading skills of high school graduates who continue their studies at State Polytechnic of Jakarta level one, in terms of reading skills aloud and understanding the content of their reading shown by the use of word types and in arranging sentences that are correct in grammar. The benefit of this research is to improve the reading skills of learning techniques that lead to comprehensive competencies for specific skills that shape the integrity of the reading skill competencies, namely the ability to read aloud and the comprehension of reading contents. This research uses a qualitative approach. The class sample is assigned 4 classes, namely 2 classes from D-3 Business Administration Study Program, 1 class from D-4 Applied Business Administration Study Program, and 1 class from MICE Study Program, determined based on purposive sampling method. Research subjects were students who were registered in the sample class. Data were collected using written test techniques including material to understand reading content consisting of introduction to types of words, composing sentences to answer questions and reading test aloud. The collected data is then discussed and analyzed, measured based on predetermined scores and indicators. From the data discussed and analyzed, it can be found that the average reading aloud test result is 65.6 and the average test comprehends the reading content of 75.1. Based on indicators of reading aloud test, it can be concluded that the level of reading skill reached by the senior high school graduates, are substandard, inaccurate, and unclear. Based on the indicators understanding the contents of the reading, it can be concluded that the level of skill in understanding the content of reading achieved are the correct answer but found grammatical errors.

Keyphrases: high school graduate, level of reading skills, reading aloud, reading for understanding

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