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Cybercrime Is the New Terrorism

EasyChair Preprint no. 11627

7 pagesDate: December 27, 2023


In the digital age, there are new opportunities and problems due to the significant changes in society brought about by the rapid expansion of technology. The growth of cybercrime, which poses a serious threat to people, companies, and governments everywhere, is one of the biggest problems. This essay investigates the idea that "cybercrime is the new terrorism," comparing and contrasting the two in terms of how they affect society and the strategies used by malevolent individuals. Important topics covered in the entire work are highlighted in this abstract. It talks on how cybercrime is becoming a bigger deal and how it can affect vital infrastructure, jeopardize national security, and result in significant financial losses.The study also looks at the reasons behind cybercrime, which frequently have the same ideological or political underpinnings as conventional terrorism. It also explores the techniques used by cybercriminals, comparing them to the strategies of terrorist groups. These techniques include ransomware assaults, hacking, data breaches, and social engineering. As these threats become more entwined in the digital realm, the article emphasizes how important it is to comprehend the linkages between cybercrime and terrorism. While acknowledging the dynamic character of this contemporary threat, it also highlights the significance of creating practical plans for stopping and lessening the effects of cybercrime. Ultimately, this study sheds light on the increasing convergence of cybercrime and terrorism and underscores the pressing need to tackle both issues in a globalized society.

Keyphrases: Data Breaches, Hacking, ransomware assaults, Social Engineering

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