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The Effect of Wood Sawdust Mesh Combination on Mechanical Behaviour of Particle Board

EasyChair Preprint no. 552

6 pagesDate: October 3, 2018


In this research, particle board was improved by combining the filler size. From this research known that combination of filler size will affect the mechanical properties significantly. This research was purposed to get the filler size combination of particle board. The result of experiment refers to SNI 03-2105-2006 for some mechanical properties, such as density, thickness swelling, hardness, bending strength, and impact thoughness.The compositions of particle board in this research are 15%fiber of oil palm, 50% wood sawdust, 15% resin epoxy dan 20% PVAc glue. Samples were carried out by cold press single punch method with pressure 30 bar.The result from this research known that the best mechanical properties of particle board on filler mesh combination M40-60-80, those are:density0.95 g/cm3, thickness swelling 1.93%, hardness 29.30N/mm2, bending strength 16.38MPa, and impact thoughness 3.38kJ/m2.

Keyphrases: mechanical properties, mesh combination, oil palm, particle board, wood sawdust

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