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Review on Current and Future Prospective of FinFET Technology and It'S Challenges

EasyChair Preprint no. 6798

7 pagesDate: October 7, 2021


Transistor is a very big and most important research of all time in IC field industry. firstly, invented transistor was point contact transistor then shockley introduced improved version of transistor in 1948 and finally first commercial transistor came into effect in 1950, which was very big in size. As time passes customer requirement has been changed and main drawback was transistor's big size, so size starts reducing after BJT and FET, FinFET were introduced they were very small in size as compared to BJT and FET, but this reducing the size or scaling down the devices were introduced some other challenges. This review paper will briefly explain what are the current and future prospective of FinFET in IC technology and what are the challenges

Keyphrases: FinFET, Scale down, Short Channel Effect

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