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Enhancement of Voltage Profile in Power Systems by Using Genetic Algorithm

EasyChair Preprint no. 1818

6 pagesDate: November 3, 2019


One of the main requirements of modern power system is the enhancement and control of voltage varying from its desired value. This paper presents and investigates suggested methods for improving voltage profile of in delta Egypt network to ensure voltage stability using optimum reactive power compensators (capacitor bank). The capacitor bank allocation is performed using Genetic Algorithm (GA) technique. The results are performed by comparing the system voltage profile considering four different scenarios. The first one (basic scenario) is that without using any reactive power support or voltage improving devices. The second scenario is by using
transformer Automatic Tap Changer (ATC), while the third scenario is by using ATC in addition to installing a reactive power compensator device (capacitor bank) using trial method based on the experience of operators. Finally, the fourth scenario is performing the optimum location and size of reactive power compensator devices by using GA. The best results are achieved using the last scenario based on GA optimization procedures. The comparison is developed according to the improvement of voltage profile, power losses and active power reserve, which enable operating the system with high reliability, stability, and efficiency. The simulation and calculation of electrical network are carried out by (DIgSILENT power factory software) and (MATLAB –software) to investigate the voltage profile.

Keyphrases: Automatic Tap Changer, Genetic Algorithm, Reactive power compensator, Voltage improvement

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