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Save Your Life

EasyChair Preprint no. 7858

3 pagesDate: April 28, 2022


We are satisfied to introduce Save Your Life which will help the issues of patients assuming they can't get meetings with the specialists. This application is a stage to give assistance to the patients in having a superior discussion with the specialists. The patients would have to enlist themselves on the application. Everyday capacities like patient enrollment, checking blood donation center, overseeing affirmation, and by and large administration of different offices can be effectively performed with higher precision after the establishment of medical clinic applications. it is a coordinated mechanized framework planned and customized to manage everyday tasks and the executives of the medical clinic exercises. The program can take care of inpatients, short-term patients, records, data set medicines, status sickness, billings in the drug store, and labs. In this project, we will give the additional office to store the report in the information base and make it accessible from any place on the planet. The modules of the Save Your Life application are easy to use and simple to get to. It has a typical easy-to-understand interface having a few modules. The authorities can use these modules in their cycles with practically no problem and make the most ideal utilization of Save Your Life.

Keyphrases: Administrator, Doctor suggest, Hospitality, Patient direct Communicate, Patient gave feedback

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