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Overview of Nano-Fiber Fabrication via Electro-Spinning Tailored for Energy Storage Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 5126

14 pagesDate: March 9, 2021


The ultra-fine fibers arising from electrospinning have two significant properties, such as a large surface to volume ratio and a structure that is relatively free from defects at a molecular level. A high surface to volume ratio makes electro-spun materials suitable for undertaking activities that require a higher physical contact, including providing a site for a chemical reaction as well as the filtration of small-sized physical materials. The fibers provide sufficient storage space and also play a critical role in converting the stored energy into electrical currents by easing the transfer of electrons. However, electrospinning possesses various limitations, including difficulties in preparing inorganic nanofibers and limited quantity or variety of polymers used in the process. In this analytical study, the nano-fiber bundles' fabrication process with electrospinning and correlation between extrinsic electrospinning parameters and relative abundance of different resulted fiber morphologies tailored for energy storage systems is examined.

Keyphrases: Applied voltage, charged section, electric field, electro spraying process, electro spun fiber, electro spun material, Electrospinning, electrospinning process, Electrostatic force, energy storage system, Energy Storage Systems, fiber deposition, fiber formation, Fiber morphology, flow rate, Hansen Solubility Parameter, Lithium-ion battery, molecular level, Molecular weight, nanofiber bundle, Nanofiber Fabrication, Nanofiber yarn, polymer concentration, polymer solution, sized physical material, solution viscosity, stable jet, sufficient storage space, surface tension, synthetic polymer, Taylor cone, ultra fine fiber arising, various limitation

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