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Cup-Disk Ratio Segmentation Joint with Key Retinal Vascular Information Under Diagnostic and Screening Scenarios

EasyChair Preprint no. 10613

9 pagesDate: July 24, 2023


Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness worldwide. Numerous studies have shown that a larger vertical Cup-to-Disc Ratio (CDR) is closely associated with the glaucoma diagnosis. CDR is highly useful in the clinical practice and evaluation of glaucoma. However, the determination of CDR varies among clinicians and is highly dependent on the doctor's subjectivity. Existing methods only segment the cup and disc features without considering the nearby vascular information. Based on guidance and criteria from experienced clinicians in diagnosing glaucoma, we incorporate segmented essential vascular information to constrain CDR segmentation. We add key vessel information to the network as the prior knowledge to better guide the model to distinguish the boundary of the optic cup. The effectiveness of incorporating essential vascular information has been demonstrated through experiments conducted on the public dataset REFUGE as well as the home-made dataset. The home-made dataset consists of high-quality CDR images and remade CDR images, corresponding to the diagnosis scenario and the screening scenario in which the patient needs to upload the fundus image by taking photos. The model is deployed on the Wechat mini-program for practical glaucoma diagnostic and screening applications.

Keyphrases: Cup-disk ratio segmentation, Glaucoma diagnostic and screening, Retinal vascular

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