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The Factors of Professional Training of a Primary School Teacher in the Context of the Second Graduate Degree in Pedagogics

EasyChair Preprint no. 5546

6 pagesDate: May 19, 2021


The article highlights the problem of effective education of adults receiving the second graduate degree in pedagogics. The importance of this problem is related to the specifics of the formation of the contingent of part-time students majoring in 013 Primary education, which is heterogeneous in age, basic education, and professional activity. The study used the method of questionnaires, interviews, observation of the educational process, methods of quantitative mathematical analysis of data processing. The normative-legal base in the context of the research is analyzed; the comparative analysis of the system of teacher training in a number of European countries is carried out. It was found that in the process of professional training of primary school teachers in the second graduate degree should take into account the following factors: age of students, their needs, social status, the availability of main education, and work due to the specialty. This determines the selection of methods and techniques of teaching, technologies that provide quality practical training, taking into account their professional and life experience, intrinsic motivation and a strong desire for self-realization. The study identified the most important principles of andragogy, which should be based on professional training of students receiving second graduate degree in pedagogics, specifically: priorities of self-study, organization of group work, use of professional experience as a source of new knowledge, relevance of knowledge and experience, self-motivation. This made it possible to identify the priority forms of organization of the educational process, to provide a practical component of the formation of subject and methodological competencies of the modern primary school teacher.

Keyphrases: adult education, andragogy principles, Professional background, second graduate degree in pedagogics

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