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QuickParking Based on web application

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4 pagesDate: July 4, 2020


- Everyone who owns or drives a vehicle in India or abroad , would be all too familiar with the hassles of finding parking spaces, parking attendants , inconsistent or monopolized rates and other problems associated with it. This application is helpful for find parking area nearby .It will also be helpful for those who want to use their free space as parking area for others and want to earn money. It helps to reduce traffic problem and a new way to earn money. It will also help people to protect their vehicle from being stolen as the application contains full information of owner of the parking area. This Automated Vehilce Parking System(AVPS) project presents the requirement, design and implementation of an enterpriseclass application for QuickParking following a Model-View-Control Model. The application is designed to be scalable ,extensible highly available and with good performance. Automated Vehicle parking system is a web based application . It uses web documents written in a standard format such as HTML and JAVA and the server used in this project is Apache tomcat server. It is called as QuickParking according to its purpose and uses.

Keyphrases: AVPS, earning, money, Parking Area, QuickParking, QuickRide, Reduce traffic, Security

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