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Sustainable Food Waste Management: the Comparative Cases of Buffet Restaurants in Thailand

EasyChair Preprint no. 4913

4 pagesDate: January 19, 2021


The purpose of this study is to investigate the potential strategies of sustainable management for food waste that are currently being applied in the buffet restaurants in Thailand. This study investigated practices of Suan Sampran and Krua Luang restaurants to answer the research objectives and questions. The primary data was collected by face-to-face interviews and site visits for personal observation as these methods enhance in-depth understanding. The richness of data is also supported by the secondary data from related industry articles and news. Research findings demonstrate that both buffet restaurant cases have taken comparable actions that align with their waste management experiences, the restaurant’s strategies, policies and practices. Findings shed more lights on the two steps of food waste management and reveal that the business concept, business operations, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and management’s views of sustainable practices, lead to different level of waste generated in the buffet restaurants and affect how waste has been handled in the restaurant operations.

Keyphrases: Buffet Restaurant, Food waste management, Restaurant Process, sustainable development

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