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Exploring the Role of Human and Digital Interactions in Online Customer Support

EasyChair Preprint no. 5524

6 pagesDate: May 13, 2021


Digitalisation has significantly changed consumer behaviour. Tech-savvy, connected consumers value convenience, speed and accessibility where they can communicate with an organisation through several clicks. Hence, growth of digital technology has boosted the need for online customer service which allows organisations to provide flexible and efficient services. As digital technology continues to evolve, key assumption for adopting these technologies is to reduce costs by transforming firm’s service landscapes through delivery of more efficient interactions. On the other hand, instant availability of goods and services makes it harder for firms to sustain relationships with customers, forcing organisations to focus on delivery of high-quality customer support. To stay competitive, firms have realised the importance of delivering not only efficient, but also valuable and memorable interactions to consumers. Therefore, the question arise how to distribute and manage digital and human capital within customer service journeys. Hence, this study aims to understand how human and digital interactions online can enhance customer-organisation relationships through driving a change in customers’ cognitive and affective evaluations and behaviours.

Keyphrases: Chatbots, cognitive and affective engagements, customer experience, customer service journey, human and digital interactions, Service employees

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