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Observers and Predictors for Wireless Control Loops

EasyChair Preprint no. 3159

7 pagesDate: April 12, 2020


The present work was conceived with the goal of diminishing the effects of wireless communication latency in time-sensitive networks. It takes advantage of modern approaches that offer a bounded latency but focuses on the methods to cope with the non-deterministic delays introduced by the latency.

An observer-predictor scheme module is proposed, designed and added in the control loop to prevent the performance degradation when the wired network is replaced by a wireless network and to allow, up to some extent, the use of the same controller that was being used while wired. This module may exploit information provided by the wireless communication devices, such as on the expected latency, the timestamp, and the time synchronization along the network.

The proposed module allows the controller to have a performance similar as when in a wired network. This enables wireless networked control in systems with low time constants (i.e. time-sensitive).

Lab experiments are presented in real-time to illustrate the observer-predictor scheme module proposed. Finally, the conclusions and future work are presented.

Keyphrases: control algorithms, Industrial Control, Wireless control loops, Wireless time sensitive networking (WTSN)

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