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Harmony and Religious Education Toward Harmony

EasyChair Preprint no. 1939

8 pagesDate: November 12, 2019


Religion has various definitions. In simple terms, it can be defined as trust "a belief system in which a human being as a religion maker depends or is bound to something he deems to have power, and the power referred to is higher than himself". Because of this, religion has existed as humanly as it is.

Religious Education is a process of individual and joint efforts in which "a set of experiences and learning is carried out by humans in a planned, structured, and continuous system concerning or related to a belief system." Religious Education needs to be a learning system that is open to everyone, thus, the main purpose of Religious Education can produce religious civilization that is full of concepts, values, morals, and religious behavior that humanize humans.

Harmony , context of religion and religious education is a condition where humans feel and enjoy the experience of an orderly, coherent, organized, harmonious, and balanced life. Harmony in relation to God, self, others, and the natural . Therefore, people who are religious and under go a process of religious education properly and correctly will be "bound or dependent, walking, and consistent with the life of balance in spiritual and physical aspects that are reflected in the quality of religious religious behavior. religious education should produce religious people in a sacred, noble, noble civilization in religious and human diversity

Keyphrases: harmony, Religion, ReligiousEducation

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