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Controlled Reactive Power Supplied to Grid by Photo-voltaic Connected

EasyChair Preprint no. 1737

6 pagesDate: October 21, 2019


Photovoltaic systems are expected one of the most growing sources of electricity in the next decades, the amount of installed photovoltaic power has rapidly increased. But using photovoltaic systems connected to grid may have drawback effect on the grid parameters. with using more and more photovoltaic panel energy its necessary to investigate them into the power systems, because small residential loads using photovoltaic at maximum power as the main source of the power and the utility use as a backup source interfaced with inverter and this change the characteristics of power flow shape and effect the parameter of the grid, this paper will focus on increase reactive power problem and discuss the ability of solution by control of reactive power and active power of photovoltaic inverter output to improve the efficiency of the grid.  

Keyphrases: Connected to Grid, inverter control, Photo Voltaic, reactive power

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