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The Roles of Stakeholders in Internet of Things: a Theoretical Framework

EasyChair Preprint no. 9761

6 pagesDate: February 22, 2023


Internet of Things (IoT) technology is one example of a contemporary technology. Since millions of devices are sending data to the cloud quickly and in large quantities, a vast array of data is produced. The IoT is a subset of big data. Control, management, and monitoring of the network on the IoT needs to be improved. This study presents a theoretical framework for enhancing the work of humans as stakeholders in the security IoT domain. It aims to identify who the stakeholders are and then use mining algorithms to provide knowledge to each stakeholder based on their role in the business. A questionnaire was distributed to collect data about stakeholders. The framework uses a semi-supervised approach. A human-driven feature selection concept was used to determine the interrelationship between stakeholders and the attributes in the dataset. The objective of the study is improved decision-making to secure against security incidents in the IoT. The questionnaires were sent to IoT experts, and the responses were used to determine the stakeholders in the field of security.

Keyphrases: feature selection, Internet of Things, semi-supervised, Soft Clustering, Stakeholders, Theoretical framework

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