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Battery Thermal Management System

EasyChair Preprint no. 4885

20 pagesDate: January 11, 2021


The increasing environmental pollution and energy shortage problem has led to looking for clean energy and energy-saving technologies to be used in the transportation field. Electric Vehicles are one such technology that can reduce pollution significantly. The project is designed to overcome the problems that current electric vehicles face due to inefficient battery thermal management systems (BTMS). The performance of lithium batteries used in electric vehicles predominantly depends upon the operating temperature. When this temperature exceeds the safety level then thermal runaway occurs in batteries and performance drops. The challenges involved in this task include a design that is effective in heat transfer, light in weight, and compact. The Lithium-ion battery has a narrow operating temperature range of between 15 and 50°C. The functional safety, service life, and cycle stability of the battery cell and the entire electric car depend to a large extent on the battery cell remaining in this range. The project develops a thermal management system using mini channel aluminum plates with silicone pads. The high conductivity of aluminum plates is exploited to effectively drain heat from the battery. The thermal contact area is increased using silicone pads. Ethylene glycol water solution flowing through the mini channels extracts the heat from the aluminum plates. Several battery thermal management methods have been introduced to avoid overheating thermal runaway which includes air cooling, liquid cooling, phase change materials, and heat pipe cooling. The heat generation rate of the battery is an important parameter that is considered in the design of any BTMS. Experiments have proved that pressure drop of coolant decreases with the increase of the cross-section and number of the coolant channels making the cooling system efficient

Keyphrases: ethylene glycol, lithium battery, Silicone pads, thermal management

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