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The Analysis of Facial Feature Deformation using Optical Flow Algorithm

EasyChair Preprint no. 4523

9 pagesDate: November 7, 2020


Facial features deformed according to the intended facial expression. Specific facial features are associated with specific facial expression, i.e. happy means the deformation of mouth. This paper presents the study of facial feature deformation for each facial expression by using an optical flow algorithm and segmented into three different regions of interest. The deformation of facial features shows the relation between facial the and facial expression. Based on the experiments, the deformations of eye and mouth are significant in all expressions except happy. For happy expression, cheeks and mouths are the significant regions. This work also suggests that different facial features' intensity varies in the way that they contribute to the recognition of the different facial expression intensity. The maximum magnitude across all expressions is shown by the mouth for surprise expression which is 9x10-4. While the minimum magnitude is shown by the mouth for angry expression which is 0.4x10-4.

Keyphrases: facial deformation, facial expression, facial features, optical flow

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