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Growth Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Broiler Chickens (Gallus Gallus Domesticus) Fed with Alternative Organic Feeds

EasyChair Preprint no. 8941

57 pagesDate: October 3, 2022


This study was conducted to determine the growth performance and carcass fat content of 90 broiler chickens fed with varying levels of Alternative Organic Feeds (AOF). The AOF is made up of four plant materials which are: ipil-ipil leaves, coconut meat, corn cob and water hyacinth. The study made use of Complete Randomized design (CRD). The broilers underwent acclimatization period for two weeks for them to adapt to their environment. Broiler chickens on T0 were fed with 100% Commercial feeds (CF) whereas, the other treatments were given varying combinations of AOF and CF which are as follows: T1 (75% AOF + 25% CF), T2 (50% AOF +50% CF), T3 (25% AOF + 75% CF) and lastly T4 (100% AOF). Proximate Analysis of the AOF revealed that it contains standard nutrient contents on moisture, ash, crude fat and crude fiber. Whereas, crude protein, phosphorus and calcium don’t meet the required nutrient content. Significantly, these nutrients had a positive effect on the health and growth performance of the broilers the mere fact that there is progress on the weight of the broilers as well as no mortality was recorded in the study. Fat analysis was also done and samples were obtained from the abdomen of the carcass which revealed that T0 (34.11 g/ 100g) has the highest amount of crude fat while T4 was observed to be the lowest (8.21 g/ 100g). It was concluded that there is a significant difference between and among the treatments in terms of weight gain, feed consumption and efficiency, and carcass fat content. The consumption of AOF was also concluded to have a good economic result which yields to good return of investment. It was recommended to make use of pelletizer machine with different blade sizes to cater the broiler chickens on their different ages and to test the AOF for its shelf-life.

Keyphrases: Alternative Organic Feeds, Broiler chickens, Carcass Fat Content, growth performance, proximate analysis

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