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Empowering the Future: a Case Study on Vietnamese Gen Z Women in Private Sector Growth

EasyChair Preprint no. 11502

7 pagesDate: December 9, 2023


This case study delves into the transformative role of Vietnamese Generation Z (Gen Z) women in the context of private sector development. As Vietnam undergoes rapid economic growth, this research seeks to understand and analyze how young women from the Gen Z demographic are contributing to and shaping the trajectory of the private sector. Employing qualitative research methods, including interviews, surveys, and in-depth analysis of relevant data, the study investigates the professional journeys, aspirations, and impact of Gen Z women within the private sector. By examining their experiences, challenges, and accomplishments, the research aims to uncover the factors that empower and drive these women to actively participate in the growth and development of Vietnam's private industry. The study also explores the distinctive characteristics and approaches of Gen Z women, considering how their values, digital literacy, and unique perspectives influence workplace dynamics, innovation, and entrepreneurial initiatives. The findings of this case study not only contribute to a deeper understanding of the pivotal role played by Vietnamese Gen Z women in private sector growth but also offer insights that may inform policies and practices aimed at fostering a more inclusive and empowered workforce.

Keyphrases: Empowerment, Private Sector Growth, Women in Business

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