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Multibody Dynamics for Planar Peristaltic Locomotion of Metameric Earthworm-like Robots

EasyChair Preprint no. 13318

2 pagesDate: May 16, 2024


Our prior findings indicate that the absence of dynamic analysis for earthworm-like robots engaged in planar peristaltic locomotion results in notable disparities between theoretical predictions and experimental outcomes. This motivates the authors to formulate a comprehensive and precise dynamic model for the planar peristaltic locomotion of a metameric earthworm-like robot. PD controllers are devised to emulate the actuation of servo motors, while an anisotropic friction model concerning the axial deformation of the robot segment is developed and justifiably rectified. The validation demonstrates that the dynamic model not only precisely captures the robot's dynamics during planar peristaltic locomotion but also applies to special cases, including slipping and oscillation, far outperforming the kinematic model, attesting the accuracy, validity, and comprehensiveness of the proposed model.

Keyphrases: Bio-inspired robot, dynamic model, friction model, Multi-segment robot, Planar peristaltic locomotion, Proportional-derivative control

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