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Microwave Radiometry Technology for the Nature - Society System Biocomplexity Assessment

EasyChair Preprint no. 3384

4 pagesDate: May 11, 2020


The problem of biocomplexity in global Nature - Society System (NSS) is considered in the framework of complex hierarchical systems theory. The interactions between the NSS elements having different spatial and temporal scales are modelled in the terms of information value, diversity of elements, dynamical stability of biogeochemical cycles, and relations between the spaces of elements. Simulation-methodical model of biocomplexity dynamics founded on the correlations between basic elements of the NSS is synthesized. Mechanisms of living processes regulation and presence of restriction by the environment quality are taken into consideration. Principal aspects of the NSS model are formulated, and analysis of corresponding knowledge base is given. Interconnection between the criteria of the NSS biocomplexity, stability and survivability is analysed. This report is oriented on the development of biocomplexity indices basing on the remotely measured environmental characteristics. Microwave radiometry is used as effective technique to assess the land cover parameters. Other ranges help to form input information for the NSS Biocomplexity Model that will be developed in the framework of this work.

Keyphrases: Biocomplexity, global model, Microwaveradiometry, Nature - Society System

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