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A Survey of Machine Learning for Big Data Processing

EasyChair Preprint no. 7131

5 pagesDate: December 3, 2021


Machine Learning(ML) approaches have created thuge societal consequences in wide range of applications such as computer vision ,speech processing, natural language comprehension, neuroscience,health, and tthe Internet of Things.Big data has never promised or challenged machine learning algorithms to obtain fresh insights into a variety of corporate applications and human behaviours.On the one hand, big data supplies ML algorithms with unprecedented amounts of data from which to uncover underlying patterns and develop predictive models.Traditional machine learning methods,on the other hand, confront fundamental problems such as scalability in order to effectively unlock the value of big data.With tthe ever- expanding universe of big data, machine learning must evolve and adapt in order to turn large data into useful intelligence.

Keyphrases: 1 Machine learning, 2- Big data, 3 Deep Learning, 4-Data, 5-Algorithms

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