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Implementation of a Charge Controller for Hybrid Electric Vehicle

EasyChair Preprint no. 2670

8 pagesDate: February 15, 2020


A Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) is a vehicle which is the combination of more than one supply source. In this HEV, two batteries each of 24 volts are used, one battery is connected to load which provide power to drive motor and another battery is connected to charging system which takes power for charging. In the present work, the main controller of HEV is based on Arduino software which is used by the microcontroller. The system uses a battery swap circuit which increases the performance of the electric vehicle. Battery swap circuit measure the voltage level of both batteries, if the voltage level of load connected battery gets lower than the changing connected battery then the connection of both the batteries get interchanged. The recharging system contains BLDC and Solar Panel which provides constant 24 volts to the battery.

Keyphrases: Brushless DC Generator, hybrid electric vehicle, Solar PV

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