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Gamification as Learning Element, a Systematic Process for Reading Comprehension.

EasyChair Preprint no. 8703

18 pagesDate: August 25, 2022


Reading in an adequate way evolves the process to understand the message, to have a comprehensible reading and acquire new knowledge. In recent times, students at the secondary level have reading problems and comprehension and these affect the academic development and learning. That is the reason why a study was carried out on the elements of gamification and reading comprehension to find out their influence on reading comprehension. A total of 165 students considering half of the population as an experimental group and the other half as a control group were the subject.

The research work was experimental, and a pre-test was applied to determine the level of reading comprehension prior to the study. The gamified activities were applied focused on four gamification elements to develop reading comprehension. Finally, a post test was applied to verify the effectiveness of the gamification elements used and their activities. It is clear three result of post test with 30,14% reading comprehension in the  experimental group, versus 17,81% in the control group with a statistically significant difference, which represents 25% more than the conventional teaching. The results obtained during the research were positive since it has been possible to demonstrate that there is an influence of the elements of gamification within the reading comprehension  of the students.

Keyphrases: Elements of gamification, Gamification, reading comprehension.

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