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Intelligent Management of using Natural Resources in Agriculture

EasyChair Preprint no. 914

6 pagesDate: April 22, 2019


Agriculture is a major source of life that plays a predominant role in the development of the economy in most countries but with the phenomenon of droughts and the decrease of water, we are facing problem in decreasing agricultural production that’s why in this work we propose to make an intelligent system of diagnosis and control to improve agricultural production and to optimize the use of naturel resources like water, light etc. Our study focuses on the production of vegetables or fruits that live in agricultural greenhouses because they have specific factors to give a good performance of the crop yield. Those factors such as temperature, air humidity, soil humidity and brightness. In our work we use the artificial neural networks (ANN) in this system and in particular the paradigm of the counter propagation network (CPN) thanks to its classification capacity and if we talk about the diagnosis of course we talk about the classifications of data for analysis and decision making

Keyphrases: Artificial Neural Networks, Control and Diagnostic System, counter-propagation network

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