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Gadimath: Gamified Discrete Mathematics

EasyChair Preprint no. 4364, version 1

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77 pagesDate: October 10, 2020


GADIMATH: Gamified Discrete Mathematics is an interactive two-dimensional mobile-based application in discrete mathematics running on the Android platform. This application would serve as a supplementary tool to reinforce the students’ learning in discrete mathematics. It would help students to follow specific rules, achieve goals, and solve problems. Upon using the application, students would experience enjoyment, interaction, and motivation while learning takes place. The problems and difficulties that the students encountered towards mastering learning competencies in mathematics are the instructions, school adjustments, and over-extended schedules. With all these problems and difficulties, the proponent develops the GADIMATH’s main features, which are the user-friendliness, infotainment, reliability, interactivity, learning reinforcement, portability, and dynamic environment. Also, GADIMATH has seven functions namely, choose avatar, gameplay, backpack, shop, settings, help, and about that are combined to form an accurate and complete product.

A rapid application development model was used in the study because the development of GADIMATH was broken down into small modules and combined to provide a final product. This model was used since the progress and development of the project were measured through the various stages. 

The development of GADIMATH to school institutions helps students to supplement their knowledge in learning discrete mathematics in the form of gamification. Also, it provides an additional learning tool for teachers who are teaching discrete mathematics. The development of the game help students to develop their mind-setting goals as they answer all the questions for each level of the game while enjoying the whole experience. As GADIMATH follows the scaffolding of activities based on the curriculum given by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Keyphrases: Dynamic & Interactive Environment, Learning reinforcement, scaffolding

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