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The Policy of Creative Economy and Development in Sumenep

EasyChair Preprint no. 4909

6 pagesDate: January 19, 2021


New design or innovation (innovation) can be defined as the process and results of the development of the use and mobilization of knowledge, skills (including technological use skills) and experience to create or improve new products (goods and services), processes, or systems, which provide value meaningful or significant (especially economically and socially in a particular society and culture). Innovation as an object also has a meaning as a new practice available for the application of an application or the application of results, generally in a commercial and consumption context. Usually, different levels of novelty can be distinguished, depending on the context: an innovation can be new to a company (or agent / actor), new to the market, or a country or region, or new to a macro. Meanwhile, innovation as an activity is a process of making reforms, which is identified with the commercialization of a copyright work. Sumenep has a huge potential to develop a variety of potential business products, culture and ideas created by the people in Sumenep. This is in accordance with the strategy and policy direction in the context of developing new business potential through the development of the small, medium and creative industrial sector, with the identification of 16 creative economy sub-sectors.

Keyphrases: creative economy, political economy, public policy, regional development

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