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Research Concerning the Influences Related to the Perforated Hole Diameters in Long Pipes

EasyChair Preprint no. 6976

6 pagesDate: November 2, 2021


Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to highlight the influence of the dimensional characteristics and mechanical strength characteristics of the pipe material on the diameter of the perforated holes in these long pipes, to maintain the stability of the pipe shape in the perforated area. The research aimed to establish the maximum limit dimensions of holes that can be made in long round pipes with thin walls, through perforating by cold plastic deformation in air, using only a punch applied to on the outside of the pipe, for a particular case of pipe clamping. Following the research, the mathematical relations between the maximum diameters of the holes that can be obtained in round pipes, in correlation with the dimensional characteristics and the mechanical resistance of the material, are presented. The characteristics taken into account are the outer diameter of the pipes, the thickness of the pipe wall, and the permissible resistance to rupture of the part material. In the conclusions, it is specified that the determined mathematical relations allow the construction of variation diagrams and the determination of the maximum possible diameters, for other dimensional characteristics of pipes and for other mechanical strength characteristics of different materials

Keyphrases: ”diameters”, ”long pipes”, ”materials”, ”perforation”, ”permissible strength”, ”plastic deformation”, ”punch”

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