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Optimization on energy management strategy with vibration control for hybrid vehicles

EasyChair Preprint no. 1671

6 pagesDate: October 16, 2019


Because of the potential to save energy and reduce emissions, hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) are considered to be one of the mainstream for the future automotive market. Toyota Prius is one of the most advanced HEVs in the world with the combination of planetary train gears and hybrid driving system. However, the current driving management control strategy only takes energy economy into consideration, without any optimization on vibration. As a result, the shock and dizziness on a HEV are usually more severe than gasoline vehicles. Hence, this paper developed vibration control system and applied it in fuel consumption optimization. A multi-objective optimal problem was carried out in this process. After combining vibration and energy optimization, the total driving control management system is amended. The vibration level is greatly improved at the cost of limited extra energy consumption.

Keyphrases: energy management, energy management strategy, hybrid electric vehicle, hybrid vehicle, new energy management strategy, vibration control

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