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“The Impact of Electronic Shelf Labels on Retail Pricing Accuracy and Customer Trust”

EasyChair Preprint no. 11202

8 pagesDate: October 30, 2023


The primary objective of this research is to empirically investigate the extent to which ESL technology influences pricing accuracy in retail settings. By analyzing data collected from ESL-equipped stores and conducting customer surveys, this study quantifies the impact of ESLs on the frequency of pricing errors, comparing it to traditional paper-based systems. The research aims to identify the key factors that influence customer trust, ultimately revealing how ESL technology can bolster or erode this trust. The research findings are expected to have practical implications for retailers seeking to enhance pricing accuracy and customer trust. By understanding the direct correlation between ESL adoption and pricing accuracy, retailers can make informed decisions about technology investments By quantifying the impact of ESL adoption on pricing accuracy and uncovering the link between pricing accuracy and customer trust, this study offers valuable insights for retailers aiming to create a competitive edge in an ever-evolving retail landscape.

Keyphrases: economic impacts, Electronic Shelf Labels, Retail landscape

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