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Religion and the Formation of Israel Nation (Reflection for Christian Constitution)

EasyChair Preprint no. 1869

11 pagesDate: November 7, 2019


The description of the entry  the Israelites to occupy the land of Canaan, initially the Ancestors of Israel did not yet have tribal unity. They embrace Tribalism, that each tribe has their respective God named after their Ancestral Father. The story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a unifying myth for the tribes of Israel. The union of the tribes socially and politically began when they left Egypt and especially when they entered Canaan.
The picture of the alliance of the tribes of Israel in building wholeness to be a nation in the land of Canaan is closely related to the shared beliefs. This picture gives us how harmony is formed because there is a purpose and ideals that are pursued, and specifically one in trust. The description of how the tribes of Israel were united by belief in one God (YHWH), made them able to get along well. This can provide motivation for Christians today in fostering harmony in the midst of advances in science and technology and information. Christian harmony is seen from an OT perspective as harmony based on a belief in one God.
Harmony is an attitude of mutual recognition, respect, high tolerance between individuals so that they can live in harmony, peace and co-existence. The determining factor of Christian harmony is its identity. Christian identity is characterized by belief in the Lord Jesus as a source of blessing and salvation. In the Old Testament, Israel in life as a tribe leading to a united process has a clear shared basis of trust, namely to God (YHWH). This belief helps everyone to reach a stage of growth such as attitudes, appreciation, knowledge, ideas, ideals and intentions that will enable them to achieve self-integrity, live competently, be able to satisfy their social environment and be creative in relationships with God.

Keyphrases: formation, Israel, Religion

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