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Technological Basis of Processing of Serpentinite Coppergold Ores in the Kyrgyz Republic

EasyChair Preprint no. 5683

8 pagesDate: June 3, 2021


The article is devoted to the development of an effective technology for processing serpentinite ores from the Bozymchak deposit in the Kyrgyz Republic. Based upon the analysis of mineralogical, physical and chemical parameters of the ore, the authors set reasons for the decrease in technological indicators of the existing concentrator and determine concentrating properties of the reviewed serpentinite resistant material by applying methods of intensifying the flotation process by using additional flotation collectors/depressors and introducing the process of mechanochemical activation of the pulp before flotation. In the proposed technological flowsheet, main requirements for the technological flowsheet and reagent suite of processing serpentinite ores are formed and it is acknowledged that an increase in the grinding size, introduction of the selective copper collector and additional depressor determines the prospects for improving the “reagent” component of determining factors of the set task. Materials of the article can be useful for mining and processing enterprises while involving resistant copper bearing, magnesian serpentinite ores in the processing in order to increase the raw material base of the existing mining and processing complex.

Keyphrases: 1. Serpentinite, 2. Mechanochemical activation, 3. Grinding

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