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Digitalization in Control

EasyChair Preprint no. 2230

5 pagesDate: December 25, 2019


The development of the economy, business and market globally requires an increasing investment in digitalization, the business of complex processes. Despite the emergence of Eastern European countries, in the future, they need to innovate in digitalization in order to increase the efficiency of business operations, profits, increase productivity and open up new markets. All of this has to do with controlling and auditing the business. The relentless transformational impact of IT redefines the very figure of IT auditing, forcing auditors to rethink established practices, process and calibrate their functions in the digital age. Technological advances are inherent in digitalisation and will undoubtedly change the internal audit, audit of the Court of Auditors, tax control and more.

Keyphrases: Accounting, Audit, Business, control, Digitalization

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