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Production of Building Blocks Buffer lightweight Concrete

EasyChair Preprint no. 1510

14 pagesDate: September 14, 2019


More recently there has been Great interest in the production of lightweight building components which can be used for the purpose of thermal insulation.

The use of such components and buildings have a great advantage and cause great reduction in the energy required for heating and cooling consequently results cost reduction to a great extent , especially prevailing hot dry climatic condition of Iraq. Its thus aimed in this research to study properties of polystyrene concrete insulation  which can be used for thermal insulation construction unit.

This  research presents and experimental research work. It includes preparation of several concrete mixes using extra lightweight aggregate ( polystyrene) To obtain lightweight concrete of two densities ranging from (350 to 625 ) Kg/ m3, which provides a good thermal insulation. The physical properties of polystyrene concrete have been found which include density, compressive strength, modules of rupture. Several relationships have been found relating one property to others.

Keyphrases: lightweight building, lightweight concrete, thermal insulation

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