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Preliminary Study on the Demand of Rural Redundant Labor Force for Open Education Under the Background of Rural Revitalization

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13 pagesDate: May 29, 2022


The rural redundant labor force plays an important role in rural revitalization. And the rural redundant workers become potential students in open education. To make open education serve the rural revitalization better, students matter. Regarding the characteristics of potential students, rural labor redundancy of different zones should be worked out for specific analysis. In this study, a relative algorithm was used to estimate the redundancy from 2000 to 2019. According to the fluctuation range and the trend of rural labor redundancy, all provinces in China were divided into five types: high (H), above-intermediate (Mh), intermediate (M), below-intermediate (Ml), low (L). Different features were shown in different zones. The redundancy in H zone continued to rise, and was much higher than that in other zones. It increased obviously in Mh zone and slightly in M zone. The redundancy in Ml zone experienced many ups and downs. But it was higher than that in L zone, which was at the lowest level in China. On this basis, it is necessary to keep promoting "compensation for certificates" to help rural redundant workers obtain certificates, especially in H and Mh zones. In addition, more importance must be attached to "knowledge compensation", which is less time-consuming and more economic. Most importantly, credit bank should be used to connect "compensation for certificates" with "knowledge compensation". Therefore, integrated development of academic education and non-academic education can be achieved. It’s beneficial to help students to select appropriate courses in order that they can achieve more in the future. This research preliminarily outlined a framework of open education for rural redundant labor force, aiming to provide suggestions on how to allocate resources, promote the integrated development of academic and non-academic education and improve social benefits for open education.

Keyphrases: Demand of students, Open Education, Redundant labor force, rural areas

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