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The Use of Digital Technology in Nursing Education from Lecturers’ Perspectives and Experiences

EasyChair Preprint no. 6686

7 pagesDate: September 25, 2021


Rapid development of digital technology is unavoidable and must be utilized, including in nursing education. Lecturers need to take advantage of existing digital technology to facilitate their duties. The aim of this study is to explore lecturers’ perceptions and experiences related to the utilize of digital technology in nursing education. The descriptive qualitative method was used in this study. 7 lecturers were recruited. Data was collected through focus group discussion. 3 themes were emerged: the benefits of digital technology, barriers of using digital technology and the role of educational institutions. All informants agreed that the digital technology makes everything easier particularly in implementation of the tri-dharma. Unfamiliarity, lacking facilities and infrastructures, and economic barriers were indicated as the hinder factors. Institutions must provide facilities and training programs to improve the use digital technology for nursing education.

Keyphrases: digital technology, experiences, Lecturer, nursing education, perspectives

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