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Design of a PLC Based Biogas Stirring System in Anaerobic Bioreactor Feeding

EasyChair Preprint no. 9346

8 pagesDate: November 21, 2022


The anaerobic process in the bioreactor takes a long time and requires a lot of cow dung to produce biogas with a large capacity. During the anaerobic process, cow dung waste in the bioreactor will settle and cause the biogas production process to be hampered. Therefore, in this paper, a stirring rotation speed system is designed for a PLC-based anaerobic feeding bioreactor that is used to monitor the rotation speed of the stirrer in order to determine the homogeneity of cow dung waste. Stirring in Feeding Biogas needs to be done because it affects the quality of biogas results. In this automatic stirring system has 3 variations of speed, namely low speed with a speed of 50rpm, medium speed of 100rpm and fast with a speed of 150rpm. The controller used is a PLC with the help of a ladder diagram program, a 3 Phase AC motor used to drive the agitator, the sensor used namely the Optocoupler-based Rotary Speed Sensor and the Mq 4 Sensor are used to measure the levels of methane gas. The data taken from the sensor will be stored in cloud storage (database) so that it can be monitored by the GUI. The results of the FC-03 optocoupler sensor readings are good with an overall average accuracy of 99.32% with an error percentage value of 0.64%. As for the results of reading the methane gas sensor, it is 97.99% with an error percentage value of 2.1%. From these data, we can conclude that the results of reading the tool on the system are reliable. Methane gas measurement results before stirring had an average value of 17.22 PPM, different from the stirred position which had an average value of 30.39 PPM for methane gas taking into account the time of data collection. The best time to determine the level of methane gas is at 12.00 WIB in the afternoon, from the results of measurements that have been carried out under these conditions, the value of methane gas levels has increased this is due to the pressure during the day being higher than in the morning.

Keyphrases: Feeding Bioreaktor, Programmable Logic Controller, Stirring System

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